Injury Prevention

Dr. Shaun BatteTennis Injury Prevention - by Dr. Shaun Batte, D.C.
B.Sc.(Hons), CSCS, ART, Acupuncture Provider

Specializing in the Treatment of Sports Injuries

Certified in Contemporary Acupuncture and a wide range of Active Release Techniques. These tools, in use with chiropractic adjustments, instrumented assisted soft tissue techniques, kinesiology taping and modalities; work together to provide relief from musculoskeletal complaints and promote a timely return to optimal function.

My ‘Tennis Screen’ was developed to identify any at-risk players before an injury happens and to educate them on rehabilitation and prevention with the goal of decreasing injuries and interruption of sport.

The screen consists of functional movements, isometric dynamometer strength testing and goniometer range of motion testing. No screen can supplement for coaching, but a screen can aid in performance by helping to identify weakness, thereby implementing actions that help fend off fatigue and assist in form.

Dr. Batte’s Tennis Screen – Quick Check List

  • Having a concurrent strengthening program is paramount to the health of any athlete in any sport, and tennis is no different.
  • The posture you have during the day can dramatically affect the health of your upper back, neck and shoulders. It is not enough to stretch a couple times during the day. You need to stand up and break that bad, seated posture 3 or more times an hour.
  • Remember that your body needs time to heal and recover. If you play for hours everyday, tissues will fatigue and will not heal properly leading to functional faults and pain
  • For optimal performance, full body conditioning is important, including diet. Give your naturopath a visit, and if you don’t have one, have a 15 minute free consultation with our resident Naturopath, just for enlisting in the Screen.
  • Old recurrent injuries should be assessed. If you have a pain that is recurrent or due to a specific trauma than it is time to get it checked.

There is no one thing you can do to avoid injury, and some injuries are unavoidable but going into an activity with knowledge and tools for injury prevention, you can enjoy a long and successful tennis season.

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